Winter Season Survey- TAAComobile
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What municipality do you live in? *

What is your age group? *

What is your marital status? *

What is the approximate distance between your home and the nearest full grocery store? *

Do you already buy products sold in a TAACoMOBILE point of sale? *

The TAACoMOBILE would like to know your needs and preferences regarding the purchase of our products with the approaching winter season. *

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If you were fortunate enough to make a one-time registration and have regular access to a box of fresh produce and dry goods, delivered to a local community center or other point of service, how often would you like to have access to this type of discovery box? *

Would you be interested in purchasing frozen prepared meals, if so, what type of format would be most convenient for you? *

If we only had 1 stop per municipality, in which area should we set up for the distribution of the boxes? *

Choose 1 area in your municipality.

If you had to pick up your boxes according to a predetermined schedule, would you like to be able to pick up your purchases : *

If you had the opportunity to reserve a time slot to speak with a counselor on a completely confidential basis, would you be interested in this service? *

If you answered yes to the previous question, what topics would you like to discuss with our counseling team?

If transportation to one of our drop-off points is a challenge for you, would the offer of a shuttle service help you get around? *

As a result of the current conditions, fundraising needs to be rethought. If TAACoMOBILE were to organize a fundraiser, what types of activities would interest you? *

Do you have any comments or suggestions for us?

Enter your comments or suggestions.

Thank you very much for participating in our survey. This will help us determine how we can continue to offer you our services during the winter season.

We look forward to seeing you soon at TAACoMOBILE!